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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

[FREE] How To Hack Any Xbox Live Account [PRIVATE]

> How To Hack Any Xbox Live Account <

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Hello I am MR.StealYourAccount and this is my blog. I created this blog to spread around a method thousands are looking for but no one can ever fined. What is this blog for ? Well I have been hacking and taking kids xbox accounts since 2011 with this method. Few no of this method because every time I try to get the word out it doesn't matter if I am on a forum or posting a youtube video they usually delete my post / video and ban me. I guess people don't take to fond of hackers and hacking methods. So if your a hater get the fuck out and dont use my method its to good for you any ways. If your a fan or are intrested in getting my method for a offer enjoy your stay I promise you just with in a matter of hours you will be able to take your first Xbox live account. Some basic things I want to go over are. There is no program at all used with this method all there is is a ebook & a text file for those who dont no how to read a eBook. I also have some audio files of me explaing things and questions I have been asked in the passed.
This has nothing to do with phishing or tricking them to give them your account info. This is a real method were you can take there account with out them knowing it was you who did it. This method can not be patched I gurintie that what you pretty much do is find the gamer tag you want to take and you can  take it SO EASILY. And the best part is after doing this method it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to get it back ! This method is well worth completing my offer the only accounts you can't hack with this method is in active accounts "Accounts that haven't been signed in to for months." So now here's where I explain why I make you do a survey for this because there really simple to get passed just put fake or real information it will take not even five mins. I have sold this method for $150.00 to many people and I have sold it for $50 to over 100 people. So by me officially giving a public link were all you have to do is a simple survey you are really lucky !!! When you complete the survey I receive like two dollars so you are pretty much doing 5 mins work and buying it from me for $2 and thats a hell of a deal. In other words this method is pretty much free now that I released it and its open for any one to get this method will work for any country or any  one. My friends little brother has been doing this for the past year and has probably took more accounts then I have and he is thirteen. Do not share or give this out to ANY ONE if you have a friend or some one who wants this send them here and make them do the survey as well. "IT TAKES 5 MINS" if I see this posted any were else or find out it is I will not share future methods here on my blog and I gurintie I will find some more.

Good luck with jacking kids xbox live profiles !
~ MrStealYourAccount